Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Whoahhh...here we go!

Well, kids, I've finally succombed to the lure of the online blog in hopes of being better at keeping in touch with everyone!  Lord knows I've been a relative failure at a) Twitter, b) Facebook, c) MySpace and, way back in the dark ages, d) Friendster.  Man, did I ever loathe Friendster...for a variety of reasons which don't merit discussion right now.  A lot of you know what I mean.

So - this is hopefully going to be a tad easier to use, more fun to keep up, and, now that I have my glorious new iPad thingy, infinitely more convenient than trying to type on a Blackberry. 

Got a rather epic journey across the pond schedule for later in the week, which should take me away from our glorious Midwestern weather system and into an uncannily similar European one, where I'll hit a couple of tattoo conventions, take in some historic scenery, baffle the locals with my debatable language skills and indulge in some of that German elderberry liqueur which knocked me sideways so thoroughly last year at Tattoo Ink Explosion (thanks, Andy -- looking forward to seeing you guys again next week!!)

More soon -- thanks for following me!  Who knows, maybe I'll even get my little video camera going at some point and treat y'all to an embarrassing montage of Parisian tourist scenes.  Ha!